Get a clear view of your business' risks.

Companies that manage risks well outmanoeuvre their competitors and are more profitable. But it is hard to get excited or engaged around risks without the right tools and the right information.

Release your company from complicated spreadsheets, disparate systems and outdated methodologies. Unlock the opportunities associated with risk.

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How it works?

The risk dashboard gives you a multidimensional and holistic view on your company's key risks and Opportunities. It takes the pain away from the information gathering process and provides you with insights on key risks and opportunities tailored to your business. These insights provide clarity and ultimately help you make more informed decisions.

A background and calibration survey allows you to create key risks and opportunity areas, allocate resource and establish a rating methodology. The Risk Dashboard and associates reports and charts are automatically generated as each survey is completed. As well as capturing and reporting key risks, the Risk Dashboard also captures strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, thus enabling SWOT analytics. The Risk Dashboard is dynamic and is designed to receive real-time feeds on key market and industry risks (and opportunities).

With an engaging and simple interface, the Risk Dashboard makes it easy to track and update risks and opportunities. It can even be used to facilitate workshops. The Risk Dashboard is so much more than a Risk Dashboard.


  • Andrew Sharp

    CEO - Bobux International Ltd

    Given the growth journey we have been on over the past few years, Bobux has been investing heavily in a leadership model that is robust enough to keep pace with the challenges associated to this speed and growth. The RD surveys and dashboards are excellent tools to help our lead team and board navigate the strategic risks and opportunities and create effective strategies and operational plans. For any company growing quickly I would highly recommend this to get a handle on your environment. And if you aren't growing fast, you might need this even more!

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  • Huia Burt

    Programme Director

    From Electric Kiwi's perspective, the tool helped to confirm our strategic plans and gave us confidence we've prioritised business activities appropriately to address both risks and opportunities. Being able to individually record and rate them via the tool then come together in a workshop and consolidate into an agreed management view was extremely useful. We'll be using the tool to keep track of our priorities as our business and the market evolves.

  • Kevin Jenkins

    Managing Director

    Risk management as a discipline needs a shakeup. It's been stuck using the same approaches and tools for a long time. Many of these have been found wanting when crises have hit. Risk Dynamics has challenged these and I have benefited a lot from that challenge, and from their fresh thinking about how to consider, assess and respond to risks. It has changed the way I think about risk.

  • Andrew Joyce


    For many years, our management conversations around risks have been entered into vast, sterile, spreadsheet matrixes which proved next to impossible to distil any meaningful information from or realistically gauge what the biggest risks to our organisation really were. Like most organisations we were flying somewhat blind.

    Our conversion to the Risk Dashboard really set the tone around not only the biggest risks that we face, but has also helped crystalise the many opportunities we face for growth through the use of clear dashboards. The Risk Dashboard is much more than just a 'risk' tool. It is a vibrant and clever piece of software that actively assists with strategic planning and direction.

    When working with Ben, the creator of the software, it is plainly evident that he is both passionate and incredibly knowledgeable about the subject having held a wide breadth of senior global risk roles. The 'light bulb' moment for us came when we had completed the group workshop with him following the plethora of individual surveys. When you suddenly see all of the critical factors across the entire breadth of your organisation concisely laid out on one screen, everything Ben was telling us made perfect sense. We look forward to working with Ben in the years to come.

  • Brian Cadzow

    Executive Director

    When we needed to have a significant review and update of our risk framework, including updating the base data through a questionnaire process, it was hard to find a willing internal candidate for the work. When Ben was recommended to us he immediately provided an energy and discipline to the data collection, recording and analysis process which was impressive. As a result he has now provided us with a fantastic database to build our new reporting on. Being a software company ourselves we saw that the software solution that Ben has developed could then provide the tool for better reporting to the Board and management along with a process to regularly update the data in a structured way.

  • Grant Taylor


    The Riskdashboard has played a key role in reaching consensus around our key risks and opportunities and helped us to rise above the details (and see the wood from the trees) which has in turn influenced both short and long term strategic planning. It has brought a significant amount of clarity. The tools ability to automatically aggregate and report large data sets is phenomenal.

  • Kevin Kanji

    CISO (TSG)

    The Risk Dashboard for us has become an integral tool for strategic planning. It offers a really nice and straightforward mechanism to translate our strategy (including the internal and external risk factors to achieving it) to a format that our board and management team can both understand.




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Setup Fee

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*Set up fee includes kick off meeting facilitation and training/onboarding (approximately 5-10 hours).



Setup Fee

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Upto 30 Users

*Set up fee includes kick off meeting facilitation and training/onboarding (approximately 5-10 hours).


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